Portage Community Chapel began as a Baptist Church plant in 1966. A small group of individuals purchased the property the church now stands on. It built a pole building to begin having worship services. The church was called First Baptist of Ravenna. In the first 10 years it had 3 pastors until 1976. Barry Shahan accepted a call in 1976 and became Portage Community Baptist Church. It started an Awana ministry, Evangelism outreach and clear teaching of the Bible under Barry’s leadership. The church hired an associate and youth pastor in the 1980s as it moved toward multiple staff to accommodate growth. In 1984, The church built its present sanctuary. It hired Pastor Mark Miller in 1988. By 1999 the church decided it needed to move away from the Baptist denomination and became Non-denominational since both Pastor Barry and Pastor Mark where previous pastors at the Chapel in Akron and joined that association of churches. In 2006, the church was experiencing growth and moved to build its current addition with a gym for community outreach. Pastor Barry reached retirement in 2013 and transitioned the Lead pastor position to Pastor Mark. Pastor Barry became Pastor Emeritus after 37 years Leading and continues teaching at PCC. By 2015 the church began a campaign to meet the needs in the county with local outreach through a homeless shelter. PCC was instrumental in the purchase of the current property for the Haven of Portage County and the organizations founding. It continues to try to use its facilities for the Worship of Christ, outreach locally and globally and missions until Christ returns. PCCs missions and outreach is different in that we do not believe in just financial support and newsletters; we have our missionaries here to minister and we go to the field with them as a church for the longevity of that mission. PCC places a high value on families, kid’s, and youth ministries as well as adult ministry led by seven staff members and volunteers. Our ongoing outreach/missions/trips include:

The Haven of Portage County (11 years)

Echoing Hills Disabilities Camp (15 years)

Onnemi International Juarez Mexico-Mark & Perla Livengood (25)

International Teams Paris France-Todd Burkes (25)

Funny River Bible Church Alaska-Benny & Renee Holly-(20)

New Tribes/Ethnos 360 Indonesia- Evan & Nicole Garrett (5)

Family Life-Derry’s (10)

CRU Austin Texas-Sarah Lallathin (20)

ABWE Portugal- Doug & Sharon Fry (30)

Riverside International Portugal- Allison Miller (3)

Messiah Project Nicaragua- Steve Bakos (15)

Marine Outreach Vanatu Pacific Islands-Mary Scibiur(5)

Navigators Albuquerque NM-Bob & Claudia Adame (25)

Titus International Germany- Keith & Diane Edwards (10)

Mission to Amish People-Joe & Esther Keim(15)


Friends of Israel-Johanneses-(15)